Are mothers who strip bad parents???

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I recently had a debate with a friend of mine about the decisions single mothers have to make to support their children.  My friend is married, and has never had to raise children on her own.  I on the other hand am a single mother of 1.  So naturally our views were different.  Her view on women stripping to support their children is that it makes them bad parents.  Her argument is that there are too many other jobs available and that there is no reason she should choose to become an exotic dancer.  I could see her point….but still disagree for many reasons.  Because I am a single mother, I know how hard it is.  Just because there are jobs available out there, does not mean that they jobs where you can make enough money to support a household.  But even if there are jobs out there where the woman can make enough money, the decision to become a stripper is her decision, and should not label her a bad parent if that’s what she chooses to do.  However, there is a lifestyle that some strippers have that involves drugs, prostitution, alcoholism, etc… and getting involved in these things will make her a bad parent.  But simply stripping to support her family is not wrong in my eyes.  I believe that as long as you are not doing anything illegal, embarrassing your children in any way, putting your children in harm’s way or going against you own personal morals, then whatever decision you make to support your family is good parenting if you are doing it in the best interest of your family.


Scattered Brains

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Okay sooo….for the past week I have given a new definition to the word procrastination.  Why cant I accomplish anything that my brain tells me I need to get done???  Truthfully, this is something I have struggled with all my life, but I have times when I can manage my scattered-brain, and then there are times like this….where I just cant seem to focus on anything important….Id rather do things like hmmm lets see….sit in front of the computer for hours and set up a blog site so that I can blog about absolutely nothing….ugh….its so annoying.  On top of everything….I am not getting enough sleep at nigh.  I stay up late of course not doing anything productive.  However, I can say my son brings me back in focus.  When It comes to him…I make sure the important things get done….like making sure he eats breakfast in the morning b4 school, getting him to school on time, picking him up from school on time, asking him about his day, setting aside mommy son time, helping him with his homework, getting him dinner, bath and in bet by 9:00pm.  So why am I such a mess….I don’t eat regular meals…truthfully I forget to eat, I procrastinate with my homework until the last minute then I stress out trying to get it done on time, I set things up in my mind to get done the nigh before…but Im lucky if I get one thing done.  SIGH….who freakin knows why…maybe its not as big of a deal as Im makin it out to be.  Maybe I should just accept that this is who I am.